Research & Writing

PhD thesis

Towards a Right of Peoples to Participation in Global Governance (University of Cambridge, October 2019)

Journal Articles, Book Chapters, Law Review Articles

If you can’t read these due to a paywall, see my SSRN/ResearchGate or write to me at for a pre-print.

Natalie Jones, ‘Self-Determination and the Right of Peoples to Participate in International Law-Making’ (2021) British Yearbook of International Law brab004 (advance online access)

Natalie Jones, ‘Aotearoa New Zealand and International Organizations’, in Anna Hood and An Hertogen (eds), International Law in Aotearoa New Zealand (Thomson Reuters 2021)

Simon Beard, Partha Dasgupta and Natalie Jones, ‘Population and Ethics: Difficult Questions, Global Challenges’ (2021) The Journal of Development Studies

Natalie Jones and Geert van Calster, ‘Waste Regulation’, in Emma Lees and Jorge E Viñuales (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Environmental Law (Oxford University Press, 2019)

Natalie Jones, ‘Safeguarding against Environmental Injustice: 1.5°C Scenarios, Negative Emissions, and Unintended Consequences’ (2018) 12 Carbon and Climate Law Review 23

Natalie Jones, Mark O’Brien and Thomas Ryan‘Representation of Future Generations in United Kingdom Policy-Making’ (2018) 102 Futures 153

Natalie Jones, ‘Wind energy and adverse visual impact litigation: a balance of local and global interests’ (2016) 6 Climate Law 336

Natalie Jones, ‘Trade in a 2030 Agenda-era: Fossil fuel subsidies and the WTO‘ (2016) 5(6) Bridges Africa 20 – in French at ‘Le commerce dans l’ère de l’Agenda 2030 : les subventions aux combustibles fossiles et l’OMC’ (2016) 17(1) Passerelles and in Russian at ‘Торговля в период до 2030 г.: субсидирование ископаемого топлива и ВТО’ (2016) 9(3) МОСТЫ.

Natalie Jones, ‘The application of global carbon budget principles to Buller Coal: a critique’ (2015) 11 Brookers Resource Management Bulletin 18

Natalie Jones, ‘The Quake Outcasts’ and the ‘Third Source’ of Government Power: Lessons for Recovery’, in Once in a Lifetime: City-building after Disaster in Christchurch (Freerange Press, 2014). Republished on Making Christchurch.

Natalie Jones, ‘Fluoridation of water in New Zealand: a raft of litigation’ [2015] New Zealand Law Journal 10

Natalie Jones, ‘Geoengineering: New Challenges for Environmental Law’ (2013) 3 NZLSJ 113

Reports and Working Papers

Jen Allan, Elsa Tsioumani, Natalie Jones, and Bernard Soubry. (2022). The State of Global Environmental Governance 2021

SEI, IISD, ODI, E3G, and UNEP. (2021). The Production Gap Report 2021. (co-author of chapters 3 and 5)

Natalie Jones, Miquel Muñoz Cabré, Georgia Piggot and Michael Lazarus, ‘Tapping the potential of NDCs and LT-LEDS to address fossil fuel production‘. (2021). SEI working paper.

Jennifer Allan, Beate Antonich, Jennifer Bansard, Rishikesh Ram Bhandary, Pamela Chasek, Natalie Jones, Faye Leone, Stefan Jungcurt, Delia Paul, Asterios Tsioumani, and Elsa Tsioumani, The State of Global Environmental Governance 2019 (IISD, February 2020)

UNEP, SEI, IISD, ODI, Climate Analytics, and CICERO, The Production Gap Report 2019 (November 2019) (co-author of Chapter 5 and research contributor to Chapter 6)

Cleo Verkuijl, Natalie Jones and Michael Lazarus, ‘Untapped ambition: addressing fossil fuel production through NDCs and LEDS’ (SEI, June 2019)

Allan, Jennifer, Rishikesh Ram Bhandary, Alice Bisiaux, Pamela Chasek, Natalie Jones, Mari Luomi, Anna Schulz, Cleo Verkuijl and Bryndis Woods (eds), From Bali to Marrakech: A Decade of International Climate Negotiations (IISD 2017).

ENB Publications

In my role as a writer for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB), a trusted, timely and independent record of multilateral environmental negotiations, I have attended 20+ UN meetings and with my ENB colleagues have published over 50 Bulletins. Examples include:

Anju Sharma, Laura Bullon-Cassis, Natalie Jones, Faye Leone, and Cleo Verkuijl, Summary and Analysis of the UN General Assembly Summits Week: 23-27 September 2019 (Climate Action Summit, SDG Summit, Financing for Development Dialogue, and Small Island Developing States Pathway for Action Mid-term Review). Earth Negotiations Bulletin. Vol. 33 No. 57. 30 September 2019.

Peter Doran, Laura Bullon-Cassis, and Natalie Jones. Summary and Analysis of the Second Substantive Session of the Ad Hoc Open Ended Working Group towards a Global Pact for the Environment: 18-20 March 2019. Earth Negotiations Bulletin. Vol. 35 No. 2. 22 March 2019.

Jennifer Allan, Beate Antonich, Jennifer Bansard, Katherine Browne, Natalie Jones, and Mari Luomi. Summary and Analysis of the Katowice Climate Change Conference: 2-15 December 2018. Earth Negotiations Bulletin, Vol. 12 No. 747. 18 December 2018.

Cleo Verkuijl, Jennifer Allan, Katherine Browne, Aaron Cosbey, and Natalie Jones. Summary and Analysis of the Bangkok Climate Change Conference: 4-9 September 2018. Earth Negotiations Bulletin. Vol. 12 No. 733. 12 September 2018.


Natalie Jones, ‘We must give the government a strong mandate for climate action‘ (, 20 November 2019, print and web)

Natalie Jones, ‘Ban flying to UN climate talks? That’s a dangerous idea‘ (Climate Home News, 29 August 2019, web)

Cleo Verkuijl and Natalie Jones, ‘Countries must address this major Paris Agreement blind spot’ (Climate Home News, 28 June 2019, web)

Natalie Jones, ‘NZ urged ‘high ambition’ on climate in Poland. Now let’s see that at home’ (The Spinoff, 17 December 2018, web)

Blog posts (selected)

Natalie Jones, ‘Representing future generations: Why politics needs to look beyond the short term’ (In the Long Run, 31 October 2017)

‘Good News and Bad News: The Low Down on the Outcomes of the COP 19 Climate Change Conference’ (, 30 November 2013)

‘On Equity. (Or, why the UNFCCC process is fundamentally messed up.)’ (AYLI, 19 November 2013)