I regularly provide comment on stories relating to international climate law and politics: please get in touch. I am also available to provide in-depth background briefings to journalists. Here’s an incomplete list of stories to which I have contributed:


Hamish Cardwell, ”A workman-like job’ – Mixed reaction to COP26 in New Zealand’ (Radio New Zealand, radio and web, 14 November 2021)

Joe Whitwell, ‘Climate change: What do scientists want from COP26 this week?’ (BBC News, web, 9 November 2021)

Hamish Cardwell, ‘COP26: Article Six talks might finally get over the line’ (Radio New Zealand, radio and web, 9 November 2021)

Joe Whitwell, ‘Got climate anxiety? Here’s what scientists can teach us about coping with climate doom’ (BBC News, web, 3 October 2021)

Podcast, ‘Nàdar & Climate Justice’ (Gin and Topic, 22 June 2021, podcast)

Podcast, ‘What would a more just future look like?’ (Mind Over Chatter, 2 April 2021, podcast)

Podcast, ‘Existential Risk, Climate Crisis and Indigenous Rights’ (Declarations Pod, 19 March 2021, podcast)

Mike Scialom, ‘Trinity College to offload all fossil fuel investments ‘within 5-10 years” (Cambridge Independent, 22 February 2021, web)

Stephanie Hogan, ‘Flight shaming, offsets and electric planes: How aviation is tackling climate change‘ (CBC, 2 December 2019, web)

Catherine Harris, ‘NZ’s oil and gas exploration ban a ‘role model’ in climate change report‘ (, 20 November 2019, print & web)

Podcast: ‘Not Cool Ep. 24: Ellen Quigley and Natalie Jones on defunding the fossil fuel industry‘ (Future of Life Institute, 19 November 2019)

Justine Calma, ‘When it Comes to the Environmental Costs of Flights We Need to Figure out How to Turn that Shame into Action’ (The Verge, 26 September 2019, web)

Julia Hotz, ‘To Save Generations of Tomorrow, We Need to Change Political Decision-making Today’ (Huffington Post, 29 January 2018, web)

Sophie Penney, ‘Regent House vote on fossil fuel divestment likely’ (Varsity, 14 December 2016, print)

Monty Fynn, ‘Students and fellows clash over fossil fuel divestment’ (Varsity, 25 November 2016, print)

Daniel Gayne, ‘Open letter to Exxon and Chevron demands climate-change resolutions in AGMs’ (Varsity, 12 May 2016, print)

Jamie Morton, ‘The Big Read: Kiwis weigh in on Paris climate conference’ (New Zealand Herald, 11 December 2015, print)

‘Podcast: Natalie Jones from Paris on the climate talks’ (RDU, 9 December 2015, radio)

Chris Bramwell, ‘Keeping an eye on Paris climate talks’ (Radio New Zealand, 9 December 2015, radio)

Vittorio Hernandez, ‘COP21: Independent analysis of INDCs foresees global temperature hike of 2.7 degrees Celsius’ (International Business Times, 9 December 2015, web)

‘Pacific Wool: NZ youths highlight Wellington’s Pacific climate pretense in Paris’ (Pacific Guardians, 4 December 2015, web)

‘Could Paris be the turning point for the global climate?’ (New Zealand Herald, 1 December 2015, print)

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‘Calls for more action on climate change’ (Radio New Zealand, 12 September 2015, web)

Freya Palmer, ‘What do young people want from a Paris climate deal?’ (Climate Home News, 13 August 2015, web)

Briana Watson, ‘Young people urged to voice climate concerns’ (Newstalk ZB, 1 June 2015)